Benefits For RecruiterS

We are the experts in education recruitment.  If the position is in the education industry, we cover it, be it a kindergarten teacher, Dean, Researcher, marketing manager, or President.
Fully independent, offering impartial advice without any ties to parent organisations.
We are a Wholy Foreign Owned Enterprise and as such are fully audited.
Industry leading one year guarantee offering complete peace of mind on all retained searches.
Except DIY all our candidates have been fully interviewed and background checked - just as we spend time to get to know you, your institution, team dynamics, what makes you unique, where you are as an institution, where you want to be, and what you are looking for in your ideal candidate, we do the same with our candidates. All candidates on retained and contingent searches are interviewed for each position and background checked.
10 - 30% cheaper than industry average.  Our retained service is only 20% of the candidate's annual salary package vs industry norm of 30 - 50%. We do not have huge plush offices, we do not print - we pass on our cost savings directly to you. 
One year guarantee on all retained services - industry norm is 3 - 6 months.
You are in control - DIY, Executive, Standard and Campaign; choose which service best suits your needs.
Transparent upfront pricing with no hidden fees.