Benefits For Job HUNTERs

It is free - we will never ask you for money for any of the services we offer, job searches, CV appraisal, interview preparation.
Our advice is impartial and independent.  We are a Wholy Foreign Owned Enterprise with no ties to parent orgnaisations.
All of our clients have undergone background checks to work with us, when hiring foreign staff, we only work with schools licenced to employ foreigners.
We specialise in the education industry, we are specialists, not generalists. If the position is in the education industry, we cover it, be it a kindergarten teacher, Dean, Researcher, marketing manager, or President.   
We are not a job board - we are a specialist education recruitment company.  We get you infront of the decision maker, saving you time.  Our clients trust us to find the right person, they know that if we have put you through to interview with them, you are a potential fit.
Browse, save and apply for jobs online, upload your CV or really stand out and upload a video.
Registering is simple, link your LinkedIn or Facebook, account or don't. It is up to you. 
You are in control - want your profile to be searchable by our clients, tick a box, do not want to be searchable,  do not tick it.
Just as we spend time interviewing and getting to know you, what you want, the type of position you are looking for, your strengths, weaknesses etc, we do the same with our clients.  We only recommend positions that would be a good fit for both you and our client.