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Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Management,Management Principles,Policies and Procedures,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2020
Location : Kenya  |  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE)
Available Start Date : 27 Jul 2020
I am an International Educator. I hereby apply for a position as a teacher in your institution. I have worked in multi-racial schools for over ten years, specializing in humanities subjects of Business, Economics and Geography. I have gathered signif...More
Location : USA  |
Available Start Date : 01 Nov 2019
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Computing,Reading,Technology/IT  | Experience: IBPYP,British Curriculum(IGCSE),Cambridge Curriculum-Homeroom Teacher,Cambridge Curriculum- English Teacher,Cambridge Curriculum-Homeroom Teacher,IBPYP,Cambridge Curriculum- English Teacher,Cambridge Curriculum- English Teacher
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2020
One of the greatest things I can offer your school is a diverse skill set that comes with 18 years of experience in teaching. Working with different age groups, I have realised that teaching children and helping them develop their full potential brin...More
Location : Portugal  |
Available Start Date : 01 Sep 2020
For further conversation please add me on WeChat or contact by email. Plenty of personal and professional docs that I cant attach. Not supported. Appreciate Major in sports sciences, pos graduated in health and exercise, attending master degree, U...More
Location : USA  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Instructional Systems,Management,Oral Communications,Pastoral,Project management,Reading,Student Services,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2020
Location : Morocco  |  Skills : Management,Oral Communications,Personnel Management,Principles,Reading,Research and Fellowships,Student Services,Training  | Experience: American Curriculum(AP),American Curriculum(AP)
Available Start Date : 01 Oct 2019
Location : Indonesia  |  Skills : Development Process,Reading,Training  | Experience: Curriculum Development,College Counseling
Available Start Date : 30 Sep 2019
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2020
Location : China  |  | Experience: Montessori
Available Start Date : 17 Sep 2019