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Location : Malaysia  |  Skills : Management,Oral Communications,Personnel Management,Reading  | Experience: Australian Curriculum
Available Start Date : 01 Jan 2020
I am a qualified secondary English and EAL teacher with a New South Wales licence. I have taught for over 15 years and in that time have programed for grades 7 to 12. I have also been the literacy coordinator and the NAPLAN (national testing) coordin...More
Location : Botswana  |  Skills : Oral Communications,Reading,Student Services  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE)
Available Start Date : 02 Sep 2019
A TEFL certified, English Language University graduate seeking an ESL teaching position in the Republic of China. I am an Energetic, self-motivated and experienced English teacher now seeking to apply her skills. I am a Near-native English speaker (n...More
Location : Nigeria  |  Skills : Computing,Instructional Systems,Management,Personnel Management,Student Services,Technology/IT  | Experience: Exam Prep(SAT/ACT)
Available Start Date : 02 Sep 2019
A learner centered and innovative teaching professional with a genuine interest in students' cognitive and affective growth. Actively involved in all areas of education including curriculum development, professional communities, teacher mentoring, s...More
Location : India |  Skills : Administration,Computing,Management,Personnel Management,Policies and Procedures,Principles,Project management  | Experience: IBDP,British Curriculum(IGCSE)
Available Start Date : 30 Aug 2019
Location : Nigeria  |  Skills : Administration,Computing,Instructional Systems,Management,Oral Communications,Policies and Procedures,Reading,Student Services,Technology/IT,Training  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE),British Curriculum(A-Level)
Available Start Date : 01 Jan 2020
I am a highly resourceful intellectual with a strong passion, flair and affinity for Mathematics and possess excellent organizational and administrative skills. I have successfully prepared students for Cambridge IGCSE Additional Mathematics, PSAT Ma...More
Location : Nigeria  |  Skills : Computing,Development Process,Instructional Systems,Management Principles,Pastoral,Personnel Management,Student Services,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: British Curriculum(A-Level)
Available Start Date : 01 Sep 2019
I am a very creative, dynamic and highly intelligent teacher of mathematics. I have developed so many new concepts and pedagogic skills in the teaching of IGCSE mathematics (CORE and EXTENDED) and major topics in AS/A-level mathematics, Mechanics and...More
Location : USA  |  Skills : Administration,Blue Ocean,Communication / marketing,Management,Management Principles,Oral Communications,Personnel Management,Project management,Technology/IT  | Experience: Operations Manager,Admissions
Available Start Date : 01 Aug 2019
I am passionate about finding better systems for education to work between the United States and China. I thrive in fast moving environments and learn new skills on the job. If you have a great idea in education then I would like to work with you!
Available Start Date : 20 Jun 2019
Location : China  |  Skills : Communication / marketing,Oral Communications,Project management,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2019
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Conceptual Training Systems,Development Process,Management,Management Principles,Oral Communications,Principles,Project management,Reading,Research and Fellowships,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: Admissions,British Curriculum(IGCSE)
Available Start Date : 01 Jul 2019
Students Admissions Chair for Kellogg MSMS and MD-MBA programs: Served as the first point of contact for admitted and prospective students. Participated in student evaluations and interviews. IGCSE Drama Teacher