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Location : United Kingdom  |
Location : Italy  |  Skills : Communication / marketing,Project management
Available Start Date : 10 Apr 2024
I'm a former Chinese student turned marketing and communication professional eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the dynamic landscape of China. I am a language lover with a passion for connecting people and brands through digital media, I hav...More
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Instructional Systems,Training  | Experience: British Curriculum,Canadian Curriculum
Available Start Date : 26 Aug 2024
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Management,Training
Available Start Date : 01 Jun 2024
Location : China  |  Skills : Computing,Reading,Research and Fellowships  | Experience: British Curriculum
Available Start Date : 15 Aug 2024
Location : Malaysia  |  | Experience: Other(Teaching experience)
Available Start Date : 15 Apr 2024
KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE IN FOOD SCIENCE Education: I hold a PhD degree in Food Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia, where I gained a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices within the discipline. My academic background has ...More
Location : Malawi  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Management,Oral Communications,Personnel Management,Policies and Procedures,Student Services,Workplace Training and Assessment
Available Start Date : 01 Aug 2024
Location : Kazakistan  |  Skills : Pastoral,Personnel Management,Research and Fellowships,Training
Available Start Date : 01 Aug 2024
I am seeking an educational institution that places a high value on inquiry-based learning, academic excellence, collaboration, self-regulated learning, and innovation - qualities that are increasingly important for students' future success. These pr...More
Location : United Kingdom  |  Skills : Management,Oral Communications,Pastoral,Policies and Procedures,other  | Experience: British Curriculum
Available Start Date : 10 Aug 2024
• Highly experienced Chemistry teacher with over 27 years of teaching experience • Experience as a successful head of Chemistry (& Biology), Applied Science and KS3 Coordinator, leading departments to become high achieving. • Experienced in ...More