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Location : China  |  Skills : Development Process,Instructional Systems,Management,Principles,Project management,Training  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE),American Curriculum(AP),British Curriculum(A-Level),American Curriculum(AP),Australian Curriculum,American Curriculum(AP),British Curriculum(A-Level),IBDP
Available Start Date : 23 Jul 2020
Location : United Kingdom  |  Skills : Communication / marketing,Management,Research and Fellowships,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: American Curriculum(AP),British Curriculum(IGCSE)
Available Start Date : 01 Aug 2021
Please see attached CV for details.
Location : Singapore  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Management,Personnel Management,Policies and Procedures,Training  | Experience: Leadership(Deputy Head/Assistant Principal)
Available Start Date : 05 May 2020
A Master's-level concentration in Chinese language and literature from one of the top university in China, along with my experience in teaching Chinese language to different level of students in IB, IGCSE, O level higher Chinese and A level H1 Chine...More
Location : Botswana  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Management,Management Principles,Oral Communications,Pastoral,Personnel Management,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE),British Curriculum(A-Level)
Available Start Date : 01 Apr 2020
I am a dedicated trainer
Location : China  |
Available Start Date : 21 Mar 2020
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Development Process,Instructional Systems,Management,Project management,Training  | Experience: Other(Teaching experience),Other(Teaching experience)
Available Start Date : 01 May 2020
Accomplished math and physics secondary school teacher with exceptional classroom management skills. In my 10 years teaching career I have developed courses and crafted an extensive teaching skill that produces exemplary results in pupils’ developm...More
Location : South Africa  |  Skills : Administration,Development Process,Instructional Systems,Oral Communications,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment,Reading,Research and Fellowships,other  | Experience: Curriculum Development,Other(Teaching experience)
Available Start Date : 15 Jul 2020
I am a composer, teacher, lecturer, academic and musician. Capable of offering a range of skills in music-related studies such as harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, music composition, piano teaching and performance, training of school orchestra an...More
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Management,Student Services,Technology/IT,Training
Available Start Date : 01 Apr 2020
Location : Ukraine |  Skills : Management,Management Principles,Personnel Management,Project management
Available Start Date : 15 Mar 2020
Location : South Africa  |  | Experience: TEFL,TEFL,TEFL
Available Start Date : 01 Apr 2020
I'm a 23 year old South African female. I am a self-driven individual with excellent communication skills and attention to detail. I am highly motivated and set goals high enough to scare most rational people. I am fun-loving and adventurous, I beli...More