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Location : Australia  |
Location : Peru  |  Skills : Administration,Development Process,Management,Student Services  | Experience: Admissions
Available Start Date : 01 Dec 2022
C-Level executive with successful experience leading sales, marketing and operations in education, media, aviation and FMCG companies. High analytical skills, new businesses assessment and process developer to capture value. Deep understanding of dig...More
Location : Pakistan  |  Skills : other  | Experience: British Curriculum(A-Level)
As a versatile, ambitious and creative individual I carry high levels professionalism, leadership and intuition. My rich work history is complemented by an accomplished academic background comprising an MA Degree in Textile Design from U.K. I am a pa...More
Location : China  |
Available Start Date : 01 Nov 2022
Location : Colombia  |  Skills : Administration,Development Process,Instructional Systems,Management,Management Principles,Pastoral,Personnel Management,Policies and Procedures,Principles,Project management,Student Services,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: British Curriculum(IGCSE),Curriculum Coordinator,Leadership(Deputy Head/Assistant Principal),British Curriculum(A-Level),SEN,IBDP,Leadership(Deputy Head/Assistant Principal),British Curriculum(IGCSE),Other(Teaching experience)
Available Start Date : 09 Jan 2023
I have now been in international education for 17 years which is why I believe that I am able to perfectly understand and navigate the challenges faced by international students and schools alike. My considerable experience of working with and inspir...More
Location : United Kingdom  |  Skills : Management,Pastoral,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: Leadership(Head of Department)
Available Start Date : 03 Oct 2022
I am an experienced and enthusiastic curriculum management professional who has developed a range of exceptional skills in leadership in the teaching and learning process. I possess the ability, skills, and experience to lead and teach in schools and...More
Location : China  |  Skills : Administration,Management,Project management
Available Start Date : 15 Aug 2022
I have more than 18 years of business development and project management experiences in education sector, China. I have strong strategic mindset, interpersonal skills, a genuine and caring heart toward stakeholders and students. I am hard working and...More
 Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Computing,Conceptual Training Systems,Development Process,Instructional Systems,Management,Oral Communications,Pastoral,Personnel Management,Policies and Procedures,Principles,Project management,Reading,Research and Fellowships,Technology/IT,Training,Workplace Training and Assessment  | Experience: Bursar
Available Start Date : 21 Mar 2022
Location : Hong Kong  |  Skills : Oral Communications  | Experience: Reggio Emilia
Available Start Date : 01 Mar 2022
I am Emily and I studied Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong. I like doing art-work in my daily life. That can help me destress. While I am crafting, I also think about how art element integrate in my teaching and classroom setting. I get satisfy ...More
Location : Denmark  |  Skills : Administration,Communication / marketing,Computing,Instructional Systems,Management,Management Principles,Oral Communications,Project management,Reading,Research and Fellowships,Student Services  | Experience: Other(Teaching experience),Music Teacher ,Other(Teaching experience)
Available Start Date : 10 Aug 2022
I am looking forward to new challenges, collaborating with a fresh team of talented professionals.