Location : S-13 D, Tamil Nadu, India, 215 600
Skills : Administration |  Communication / marketing |  Computing |  Management |  Management Principles |  Oral Communications |  Pastoral |  Student Services
Available Start Date : 01 Nov 2018
Work Experience : 33 Year
To The Principal, I write to you to express my interest in the recently advertised post of a Business studies/Accounting teacher. I can teach Business studies, and Accounting at IGCSE and A level. I have a wide experience of managing students up to university undergraduate level. I have more than 30 years teaching experience in teaching international students and spearhead the Business subjects department. Let me start with my educational philosophy in detail: Effective teaching, setting and following the highest standards in the classroom are my priorities. This earns me the credibility and respect required of me by both students and colleagues. Learning should be challenging and innovative and students need to have independence of thought and self – reliance. Above all I am a committed teacher who regards the importance of effective classroom teacher delivery to be fundamental. I try to project energy, enthusiasm and encourage my students to use a critical, analytical approach to problem solving and interpretation. Thirty years of experience has enabled me to develop and refine a range of skills and techniques and enabled me to differentiate between individual students learning needs. In the next section I would like to highlight the specific aptitudes and experience and my qualifications that are most relevant to my application for the job of a Business studies teacher. I am a qualified Management Accountant. CIMA enables me to handle both financial and management subjects at this level comfortably. And my students achieve excellent academic results considering their English Language abilities. More than once I have been chosen as “Teacher of the year” and almost all my lesson observation feedbacks are outstanding. I won a cash prize for being the topper in CIMA final level subject, “BUSINESS STRATEGY”. I have been a resource person in many workshops and seminars organized by Ministry of Education on Accounting and Business studies. I have been an examiner/marker for Cambridge International examinations centre in Botswana. I was also involved in ITEM WRITING-setting question papers for final examinations. I have undertaken curriculum planning, staff and student inductions, training events and staff appraisal and career development activities. I have organised activities that enable students to choose their future career. For example, I invited resource persons from Deloittes and Touche – a renowned accounting firm to help our students to choose from different accounting careers. And I also managed a sponsorship from Acumen and Thornton. The best performed students at ‘A’ level was employed by the same firm. I have also organized field trips, educated talks that enable my students to fit into the ‘World of work’. Schools and Colleges need to differentiate themselves in order to succeed. The extra – curricular program is very important here in giving students the opportunity to excel in their endeavors, other than purely academic ones. I have organized a very successful chess club in schools that bagged gold medals. I have also organized a programme called “Junior achievement Botswana”, that bagged the first prize in the best business competition. In a summary, I would hope my combined experience and qualifications would make me a suitable candidate for consideration. I am versatile and adaptable enough to contribute across a number of academic and extra- curricular areas. I would like to work with an institution that rewards commitment and teaching excellence, offers long term prospects for career development. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely KANNAN NARAYANASAMY B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed., CIMA Ex. passed finalist.
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