Location : 3 at 1 Suite 50 Private Bag X0014, Ballito South Africa, South Africa, 4420
Skills : Administration |  Management |  Policies and Procedures |  Reading |  Training |  Workplace Training and Assessment |  other
Curriculum development
Mentor Teacher
H.O.D of English Department
H.O.D of Grade 1
H.O.D of Kindergarten
Available Start Date : 07 Jan 2019
Work Experience : 14 Year
Here’s why I’m an excellent match for any teaching position. In addition to being a fully qualified, registered foundation phase teacher, I have 14 years teaching experience. I also specialize in Special Needs Education. The past year I was employed at Entel Westbrook Foreign Language School based in Yuhang Hangzhou China as the H.O.D of the English Department. I was responsible for the semester planning, weekly and daily planning, training of Chinese teachers, developing the phonics and guided reading program, and the assessment program for the department. Prior to working in China I was employed at Umhlali Preparatory School as Grade R teacher, H.O.D of Grade R and eventually passed Grade R and taught Grade 1 before I left. I am currently employed as a kindergarten teacher, however, I am seeking employment abroad as I love to impact the lives of children from all walks of life. I am 100% sure that if I am given the opportunity, I will give my very best and be able to do the job extremely well as teaching young learners is an absolute passion of mine. Your consideration for a position would be highly appreciated. Kind Regards
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Curriculum Development
Curriculum Coordinator
Curriculum Coordinator
Curriculum Development
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  • Primary/Elementary
  • Language Center
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