Location : Wuxi, Wuxi, China, 240006
Skills : Administration |  Communication / marketing |  Oral Communications |  Pastoral |  Personnel Management |  Policies and Procedures |  Principles |  Reading |  Technology/IT |  Workplace Training and Assessment
Available Start Date : 02 Aug 2021
Work Experience : 8 Year
My name is Sonia Wright, I grew up in India and have educated myself to a certain degree by the Indian system of education. Having said that, I have further completed my education in Pre-primary Teaching, Specialization in English, Montessori Certified through American TESOL. In the year 2017, I post-graduated from the University of Nottingham completing my PGCEi. I have worked in prestigious IB Continuum schools and have had the privilege to be part of a multicultural setting. As an Early Years Educators, I follow through a play and exploration method of teaching inculcating the IB Scope and Sequence. I am a passionate Teacher and focus on my students being safe, happy, and learning. A bit of my family, they are born and brought up in India from the ancestry of British and Portuguese descendants. Our mother tongue is English and I have grown up talking only English at home. I am happy to discuss further if provided the opportunity to interview for respective positions.
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(2007 - 2010)
(2016 - 2017)

Grade level

  • Nursery/Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • Primary/Elementary

  • Design Technology
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • General/Integrated Science
  • Physical Education
    • General PE
  • Mathematics
    • Numeracy
  • Foreign Languages
    • French
  • Fine Arts
    • Visual Art
  • English
    • Language Arts
  • Computer Science
    • Tech Integration