Location : No. 13, Beheshti 10th, North Khorasan, Iran, 9881735576
Skills : Administration |  Management |  Oral Communications |  Personnel Management |  Student Services |  Technology/IT |  Training
Available Start Date : 05 Apr 2021
Work Experience : 18 Year
My Main duties are: • Holding TOEFL and IELTS preparation classes • Holding meetings with parents to inform them of their children's learning process • Holding meetings with students to guide, consult and encourage them towards learning better • Holding meetings with the staff to control the quality of teaching • Holding Teacher Training Courses and interviewing the top candidates to ensure we have enough qualified teachers for the four branches of the institute • Revising the teaching materials and tests and developing them regularly • Observing and supervising all the classes and informing the teachers of their problems in their classes • Teaching the difficult classes (very low-leveled and very high-leveled classes) as the top teacher • Interviewing students at the end of each level to make sure they are ready to start the next level and also control the quality of teaching and learning at the institute
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Other(Teaching experience)
Exam Prep(IELTS)
Grade level

  • Nursery/Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • Primary/Elementary
  • Middle/Junior High
  • Secondary/High School
  • Further Education/Vocational Colleges
  • Higher Education
  • Language Center
  • Test Prep

  • Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • English
    • ESL
    • Language Arts
    • Literature