Location : A/203, SMR Galaxy Apartments, AECS Layout, Karnataka, India, 560037
Skills : Instructional Systems |  Management |  Training |  other
Work Experience : 18 Year
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to express my interest in the position of ‘Bursar’ with Education Recruitment Experts as advertised on The Guardian Jobs and would greatly appreciate your considering my placement in this role. My relevant qualifications include a MA in Teaching, and a MA in Education – both from the Institute of Education (IOE), University College London (UCL), a MA in Psychology from the University of Mumbai and CELTA from Cambridge Assessment. My MA in Education research topic was about ‘exploring the use of Role Play as a Tool for Formative Assessment in a Religious Education Classroom’. Since the year 2010, I have been a secondary level teacher with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). During these eleven years, I have taught IIS’ Secondary Curriculum (https://www.iis.ac.uk/graduate-studies/step) to adolescents aged 12 to 18 years in various parts of India. I was also involved in various projects - parental involvement. Student assessment, mentoring STEP aspirants and NQTs, curriculum immersion for STTs, core faculty for PL-CPD and Field Support Teacher Training Programme, to name a few. Additionally, I was the Principal and Founding Director of a pre-school in Mumbai before I went to London for a fully-funded STEP (Secondary Teacher Education Programme - https://www.iis.ac.uk/graduate-studies/step). I managed this enterprise right from its inception to its full-grown form for seven years. I conceptualised and planned the preschool curriculum with the smallest details of its implementation that would get translated into the day-wise curricular plans that were shared with the team of qualified teachers who underwent training and mentorship under my leadership. I was involved in parental counselling, organising cultural events and outdoor learning events, marketing strategies, reviewing and regularly updating of the curriculum and taking decisions on all minor and major aspects of the day to day administration of the school. The experience of managing a preschool helped me develop core managerial skills like decision making, resilience, persistence, leadership, crisis management and time management. For eighteen years, I have performed the roles of an educator, teacher-educator and principal/manager of a preschool. Having a spectrum of experience right from the grassroots level up to the managerial position has honed my decision making, articulation, crisis management, multi-tasking, organisation and planning skills. I have been professionally and voluntarily engaged with the learners from the age of two years to eighteen years and above. I pay attention to detail and strive to achieve the best output with whatever tasks I undertake. I value aesthetics, meticulousness, punctuality and life-long learning as significant virtues and I apply them in my personal and professional lives. I am willing to meet at your earliest convenience. I can be reached either by email () or by phone (). Sincerely yours,
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(2008 - 2010)
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Secondary Teacher
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